Our Story

Our goal is to stop or adapt to the emerging climate crisis.
We are not trying to convince anyone how dangerous it is, but rather will focus on sharing global warming solutions with those who already acknowledge the problem but don’t know where to start.
The platform globalwarmingforbusypeople.com is an independent, nonprofit media organization founded by editor and blogger Bill Murphy of Silicon Valley, California USA in late 2016.
It mentors individuals on how to reduce their carbon footprint (“To save the planet, change yourself first”), as well as teaching advocacy skills (“To save the planet, use your voice”).
We are strongly interested in supporting those wishing to work in the advanced energy, Smart Cities, advanced transportation and planetary reforestation sectors (“To save the planet, invest your working life”).  We believe the business community has a profound and advantageous role to play in reinventing civilization to be sustainable over the long run.
In 2017 we launched a Facebook Page and a LinkedIn Company page.  The Facebook Page posts three times a day, with a) a news article capturing current global warming events at a high level, b) a meme on one of the main strategies for countering global warming, and c) a current news article on one of the main strategies for countering global warming.  The LinkedIn Company page publishes several times a week, sharing current news articles particularly interesting to the business case for fighting or adapting to global warming.
In 2018 we added an Instagram page to expand our journalism/prose approach to add the language of photographs, by publishing a series of memes on the main strategies for countering global warming.
Our strategy is to expand to multiple publishing platforms, and gain 100,000 followers in 2018 and 250,000 by the end of 2019, and publish a concise version of our key posts as an e-book in 2019.  This is a labor of love, not a moneymaking endeavor.
Again, the whole point is this:
Humanity must stop or adapt to the emerging climate crisis.

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