Our site presents solutions that each of us can use to prevent or adapt to catastophic climate change.  Don’t try to do them all, but DO GET STARTED.      

We do not espouse a political point of view other than that global warming is real, it’s here, and folks need to go to school on the best ways to react.

(Now…  not later.)

Our website is a suite of pointers that answer a question we hear often:

“Ok, I get it.. how do I do my part?”  Know your personal Superpowers, and get started using them.  We are not helpless…

a) “To save the planet, Change Yourself First.”  Green our personal lives and by doing so, become educated about the science and strategies for global warming;

b) “To save the planet, Invest Your Working Life,” in jobs which prevent or adapt to global warming;

c) “To save the planet, Use Your Voice,” and relentlessly influence those around us including our leaders, the marketplace, our faith communites, and our friends and  families.

We are reinventing our growing civilization to be sustainable within the carrying-capacity of the Earth, so we and the diversity of species survive the coming hotter centuries.

We recognize that, though we cannot stop the portion of global warming already in the pipeline, we must act urgently to prevent “business-as-usual” from making climate change vastly worse and reaching complete emergency levels.

We recognize that economics is a subset of ecology, not the other way around…  Earth bats last, and is unsentimental.


We will replace our learned helplessness with the wise use of our personal and societal power, firmly grounded in the emerging factual landscape.

We will work only on the vital-few issues, not the trivial-many.  Where you can, focus on the big stuff…


During GWFBP’s inception year of 2017, Bill Murphy is founder and managing editor… but as we go into the future, please look for guest articles from experts, especially experts on the vast and empowering subject of job-search in the advanced energy sector and other fields – careers where you job itself saves our common home.

Thank you Courtney Baker for our site design!


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