Your First Superpower: “Change Yourself First”

Around camp dinner, my friend David talked about climate change.  What he said was perfect:

“To save the planet, you have to change yourself first.”

That’s it, diamond-like precise:  As we grow into a cleaner lifestyle, we automatically get an education.  And a bonus: we automatically set a leadership example for all around us, including our children.

One action, three benefits:  “Change yourself first” is an efficient way for Busy People to start this journey…

My favorite source for a fast start at cleaning up one’s lifestyle is  “Cooler, Smarter:  Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living.”  A team of authors from the Union of Concerned Scientists provided a powerful one-page summary of key tips with their book (if you’re busy , want to skip the chase, and cut to the crash).

Next, we suggest you check out our Change-Yourself-First-Toolbox.

Finally, a tremendously fun and validating experience is to see what happens when you start to  Do a Green Good Turn Daily.  Go where it leads you, and don’t be surprised if you uncover even more talents and superpowers!

*                    *                    *

In future posts, we will profile people reducing their carbon footprint in exciting ways (as well as saving money along the way, a nice side effect of living a less-wasteful lifestyle).  A profile is like a picture and a picture, to a Busy Person, is worth a thousand words!

*                    *                    *

How does one get started saving the planet?  Start by deeply knowing your own sources of personal power:  1) To save the planet, Change Yourself First; 2) To save the planet, Invest Your Working Life; 3) To save the planet, Use Your Voice and take advocacy seriously!  Never miss a chance to vote, and never stop influencing your government and businesses locally, at the state level, and at the national level.  

And in all cases and at all times, cast aside the learned-helplessness that infects so much of modern life…

*                    *                    *

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