To Change Yourself First, Take a Careful Look at How You Are Doing Today

If you want to save the planet, Change Yourself First.  It is the magic key that unlocks one hell of a self-education on climate change, and of course fixes your carbon footprint, your own contribution greenhouse gas pollution.

But it is also true that as busy people we want to only “Work on the Vital Few, rather than the Trivial Many.”  Get things done, don’t spin your wheels!

That requires data… get the facts!   Early in the process, take an hour or so to use a Carbon Calculator.

Here is a handy set of links to fifteen carbon calculators you can choose from.

Then, work on the Vital Few in your own life (say, the top two culprits indicated by your results), and come up with an action plan for reducing them in your own life!

*                    *                    *

How does one get started saving the planet?  Start by deeply knowing your own sources of personal power:  1) To save the planet, Change Yourself First; 2) To save the planet, Invest Your Working Life; 3) To save the planet, Use Your Voice and take advocacy seriously!  Never miss a chance to vote, and never stop influencing your government and businesses locally, at the state level, and at the national level.  

And in all cases and at all times, cast aside the learned-helplessness that infects so much of modern life…

*                    *                    *

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