Just the facts… the RealClimate website is an excellent learning source

As I said, most busy people visiting our site already know that global warming is a huge, emerging and long-lived problem… But for those who want more background, here is a concise look at the unvarnished science, a link to the RealClimate web site.

Wikipedia describes RealClimate.org thusly:

RealClimate is a commentary site on climatology. The site’s contributors are a group of climate scientists whose goal is to provide a quick response to developing stories and providing the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The forum is moderated, and is restricted to scientific topics to avoid discussion of political or economic implications of the science. According to Time, RealClimate is “in line with the Web’s original purpose: scientific communication” with a “straightforward presentation of the physical evidence for global warming.”

Here you go… enjoy the brain candy!


(I find it especially interesting to browse their archives…)

*                    *                    *

How does one get started saving the planet?  Start by deeply knowing your own sources of personal power:  1) To save the planet, Change Yourself First; 2) To save the planet, Invest Your Working Life; 3) To save the planet, Use Your Voice and take advocacy seriously!  Never miss a chance to vote, and never stop influencing your government and businesses locally, at the state level, and at the national level.  

And in all cases and at all times, cast aside the learned-helplessness that infects so much of modern life…

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